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Join the Cereal Box Team today!

The Box is building a team. Kinda like a superhero team devoted to cereal and Saturday morning cartoons.

If getting paid to sling bowls full of happiness and see people smile sounds like your kinda gig, give us a shout. Fill out the form below and be sure to tell us a little bit about yourself. 

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Cereal Box Team Members

The Cereal Box, Inc. – Olde Town Arvada, CO

The Cereal Box is building a team of fun-loving avengers for a one-of-a-kind café concept in Olde Town Arvada.  

Everyday feels like Saturday inside The Cereal Box. We are a first-of-its-kind café with more than 100 different cereals, some crazy milk combinations, coffee, tea, juice, pastries, a steady schedule of cartoons on the television and an exclusive lineup of collectible toys from KidRobot, Funko Pop, and Tokidoki. Our mission is pretty simple: Destroy boredom and make even the most grown-up adult feel like a kid again.

If any of the above sounds like your kinda thing, you’re probably a perfect fit for the Cereal Box Squad. We are seeking fun-loving, hard-working individuals to keep the store running smoothly. These team members will make sure the customer experience is top notch—we want every customer to enjoy their visit to the box. These team members must be responsible, love fun, and want to get paid for working in a really, really, really…breath…really, really fun environment.


  • Lovers of cereal, vinyl toys and cartoons.
  • Must have a sense of humor. Personalities welcome.
  • Must have a strong working knowledge of Rick and Morty, Tony the Tiger, and Tucan Sam. Must know what TMNT stands for.
  • Barista or restaurant experience.
  • Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment.
  • A love of working with people.
  • Open / flexible work availability.
  • STRONG customer service skills.
  • Ability to comply with health and food safety standards and regulations.
  • A love of cleanliness. Making sure all equipment, bins and dining areas are upkept.
  • Able to respond quickly to customer concerns.
  • Be able to lift up to 50 lbs. Or, 245,698,983 lbs if your name is Bruce Banner.
  • Valid driver’s license and reliable transportation.
  • A strong high five hand.
  • Embody the definition of integrity: “Doing what’s right, even when nobody’s watching.”

Benefits include:

  • Free cereal!
  • Employee discounts.
  • Fun work environment.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Free parking.
  • You get to watch cartoons and play with toys. Duh.

Job Type:  Full- and Part-time available

Required education: Student or High School Diploma